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Planning and managing long term conditions

Have you put your patients in the centre of your learning? What do your patients need you to know over and above the skill set required for your speciality?

Patients who are admitted into wards will most likely be living with one or more long term condition/s. There is also a significant likelihood that there will be other circumstances that impact on their lives such as literacy, financial, caring, and employability. We also must not forget that living with a LTC can be stressful and the impact this has on mental wellbeing can be significant.

Here is a scenario that may help put this into some perspective: Jeanie has fractured her hip. Over and above this Jeanie lives with a relatively common respiratory disease (COPD).

  • How confident are you in knowing how COPD effects her life?
  • What are the implications this has on Jeanie whilst she is with you?
  • Jeanie will need her inhaled medicines, do you know how they should be taken, what they do?

Exploring learning needs over and above your speciality can be supported using the associated learning tables. Click here

The other perspective you may wish to consider is how do you know what to prioritise: ie what do your patients need you to know? Think about undertaking a very simple week of care audit which allows you to understand your patient population and your reflection on this may highlight learning needs that you wouldn’t have previously considered.