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NMC Revalidation - FAQs

March 2016

Q1. Are the NMC planning to develop their system to provide functionality for organisations to be able to identify the revalidation dates for their staff?

Ans: The NMC were asked to consider this at an early stage in the NHS Tayside pilot and are currently working on developing this function. It will most likely be early to mid 2016 before this becomes available.

Q2. Can you clarify the future indemnity arrangements?

Ans: You are indemnified by your employer as long as you work within the scope of your practice.

Q3. I am due to revalidate in April 2016 and will be one of the first to go through the process using the new model, should I start to organise this now (November 2015)?

Ans: We would certainly encourage you to do so. The NMC will launch in December 2015 and further information will then be provided to support your revalidation.

Q4. If I am due to revalidate in April 2016 and if I present my evidence on the 1st of April when will I be informed if I am being selected to submit my full portfolio? How will annual leave fit with this?

Ans:  If you are revalidating in April 2016 you will need to send your completed application by close of play on the 31st of March 2016. If you are selected to provide further information or evidence to verify your application the NMC will email you within 24hours of you submitting your revalidation application. You must ensure that you check your emails during this time. If you are selected to provide further information there will be a link within the email, sent by the NMC, to an on line form where you will be asked to provide further information and upload evidence. You will need to provide this information within the time frame set by the NMC which may be 14 days. This is your responsibility. Annual leave will not enable you to have a further extension.

Q5. In relation to the reflective conversation, is there any guidance on how to select the person signing off my reflective accounts?

Ans: Currently the position is that the person that you have selected to discuss your reflections with must be an NMC registrant  – 

Q6. Can you provide some clarification on the notification of revalidation process?

Ans: You will be notified 90 days before you are due to revalidate and can submit your completed application for revalidation from the day that your letter arrives but not before then. You will receive prompts at 60 days and 30 days therefore it is vitally important that your details are up to date with the NMC.

Q7. How did the reflective aspect work for registrants involved in the pilot? Do the 5 reflective accounts need to be submitted at the same time and do the reflective discussions need to be conducted with the same registrant?

Ans: It is good practice to reflect on an on-going basis and what you are submitting is essentially a sample, or snapshot, of your reflective experience over a 3 year period to discuss with your colleague. During the pilot it became clear that not all colleagues have the same level of experience in reflection on practice and this was highlighted as a recommendation for Practice Development to consider and plan for.

Q8. If I have the role of Nurse in my title but I not in direct clinical practice will I be expected to revalidate using this model and how will this work?

Ans: The NMC recognise that nurses and midwives undertake a variety of roles and the question will be for you to determine your scope of practice and to establish how you will demonstrate the application of your qualifications and registration. You are encouraged to think about your current prep and to remember that it is the NMC who determines our fitness to practise – guidance will be issued on this early 2016.

Q9. What level of responsibility and accountability lies with the Confirmer, particularly if they are NMC registrants?

Ans: The NMC are currently testing their internal processes and the expectation is that this area will be clarified within the final guidance document. The NMC assume that a Confirmer can only confirm based on the evidence that is provided in the registrant’s portfolio at that specific point in time – it is ultimately the registrant’s responsibility to provide this.

Q10. In relation to feedback, if this is received on a team rather than an individual basis how can you evidence this in your portfolio?

Ans: It is not a case of demonstrating what feedback has been received but rather how you have reflected on this feedback to effect positive changes to your practice – in this sense all feedback, individual, team based or organisational can be used effectively as part of the process.

Q11. How does the NMC decide who they will select and what is the agreed % for this?

Ans: As above, the NMC are still testing their internal processes so it is not possible to say definitively at this stage.

Q12. What is the agreed format for submission to the NMC?

Ans: All submissions were done electronically by the 4 pilot sites and staff involved in this process have recommended to the NMC that this should be the agreed mode for the submission of evidence in the future. (The final NMC guidance should clarify this.)

Q13. Are there any extenuating circumstances? e.g. sick leave, maternity leave, can you extend your revalidation date until you return?

Ans: There is no process within the new model for deferment or suspension – there are some areas where a claim of special circumstances may be accepted but this will need to be further clarified within the final guidance from the NMC.

Q14. What happens if you submit your portfolio and complete all of the requirements and the NMC deem this to be insufficient? Can you appeal?

Ans: You will be given time to make the necessary amendments and if these are not completed and submitted this will result in a lapsed registration.

Q15. Does your revalidation information have to be submitted via your work email address?

Ans: No, the information can also be sent via your personal email account.

Q16. Are employers considering giving some form of protected time to nursing staff to complete revalidation requirements?

Ans: This is a well discussed topic and the NMC’s view is that ultimately the responsibility for revalidation as a process lies with ourselves as individual registrants. Colleagues at Scottish Government are giving consideration to the amount of time that will be needed to complete and this work is being done via the Workforce Workstream.

Q17. Will eKSF still be relevant?

Ans: Yes, revalidation will be part of the overall appraisal process and can be linked into existing systems.

Last Updated: 25 May 2016