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* New - meet Emma Jackson - Practice Education Facilitator

Emma J - PEF.jpg

Hi, my name is Emma Jackson and I am a Practice Education Facilitator in the Partnerships Team/Gartnavel Royal Hospital for the past 2 years (almost!).

I am based in West House, Gartnavel Hospital Campus, as my current sector responsibilities are principally in the North east of Glasgow geographical area although the post has Board wide Responsibilities. It is difficult to outline a typical day. This is one of the most exciting things about my post is the variability in the role and responsibilities.

Some of the main activities in a week might include:

• Engaging with mentors and clinical teams to work with them to develop the clinical area as a quality learning environment.

• Assisting with educational audits and quality standards audits with clinical staff.

• Working as a link between the university and clinical practice maximising the flow of communications between both organisations.

• One day I could be developing a topic to 200 students and another day facilitating small group/reflective discussions with 8-12 students/staff.

• Assisting staff with Revalidation requirements.

• Working with healthcare support workers in highlighting how they can assist and work with student nurses to share their clinical practice skills.

• Maintaining the Board's mentor register to meet the standards for mentorship.

• Engaging with newly qualified clinicians and supporting them with Flying Start NHS.


Welcome to my day!

09.00 – 10.00am

My first priority of the day is to open my emails and listen to any mobile and office phone voicemails, respond accordingly and organising any necessary visits to mentors/student/team leaders arising from same.

10.00 – 11.00am

One of the things I enjoy about my job is the large geographical area that I cover and the wide variety of practice areas that I meet staff from. Seeing how student nurses are supported and how practice learning is achieved across such a diverse range of disciplines has been instrumental in gaining an understanding of the practical experiences our future workforce is equipped with and how theses fit with theoretical concepts. My first practice visit involves a drive out towards the Campsie hills, to facilitate a mentor annual update session for two of the Older Peoples Mental Health Inpatient Teams. The mentors discuss their experience of assessing students in practice, and using the grading rubric including how to use it and when to discuss it with student nurses.

11.00 – 11.30am

I take this opportunity to visit one of the Care Homes who support pre-registration nursing students as it is close by. The care home manager is unavailable, but I meet with the mentors and we briefly discuss how they could utilise feedback from student nurses for revalidation. I provide them with the dates for revalidation workshops across the city that they can attend.

11.30 – 12.30pm

I visit the nurse practitioners at HMP and facilitate a Flying Start introduction session for Newly Qualified Practitioners and their mentors.

12.30 – 13.30pm

I take part in the role play for the OSCE for second year mental health pre-registration student nurses at the university. I take this opportunity to collect the mentorship preparation portfolios that I will be marking for the trimester.

13.30 - 15.00pm

I head back across to the west side of the city to facilitate an interactive eportfolio session with the district nursing and children and families teams at Milngavie Clinic The practitioners bring their tablets and log in to navigate the site during the session. We explore how to use everyday practice including mentorship to support revalidation, annual appraisal and mentorship triennial review and how use eportfolio to evidence these all in one place!

15.00 – 16.00pm

I go back to the office and update the live mentor register with the mentorship annual updates from today and the visits to practice. I contact a team lead in relation to constructive feedback from a student nurse following their PLE, and we arrange to meet the following week to explore development of the practice learning environment. In preparation for the following day, I type up my notes for the Senior Nurse Group meeting and check the number of attendees expected at the ‘meeting the NMC mentorship standards ‘ workshop I will be facilitating in the afternoon.

Career Pathway:

I moved into the PEF post from my role as charge nurse within the Adult Acute Mental Health inpatient setting. My career up until this point had seen me actively involved in my own continuing professional development and in supporting the development of others, including as a Medical Emergency Trainer and Co-ordinator for the hospital site. I am currently undertaking my masters in Mental Health Practice at UWS.

Best wishes,