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Funding for 2019-20 from NES is available for trainee ANPs within NHSGGC area.

NES funding is also available for trainee ANPs employed by independent contractors (e.g. GP practices etc) and information on this has been circulated by Primary Care Support to practices.

Information on funding for trainee ANPs directly employed by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is detailed below.

ONLY nurses who are actively being supported by their clinical area and are in a trainee ANP post will be funded.


Application process for funding NEW TRAINEE ANPs

The application for ANP funding is a 2-step process for new trainee ANPs:

  1. Education Needs Analysis – Webropol form – this is completed by a lead /manager in each service area. An email with the link to the Webropol form was sent to all clinical areas in May. CLOSING DATE 21st JUNE 2019
  2. The Trainee should submit an SL2 with details of all the modules that they need to undertake this academic year (Sept 2019-August 2020). This form should be signed by off locally and then sent by email to [email protected] CLOSING DATE 25th JULY 2019


Trainees should apply directly to the University for a place on the appropriate ANP programme. If uncertain about which programme a trainee should go on then contact the Consultant Nurse – Advanced Practice for advice and to obtain a copy of their education plan ([email protected])

It is the trainee’s responsibility to:

  • Ensure they know which programme and modules they are to undertake – all trainees should have an education plan which can be obtained from [email protected]
  • Complete and submit an SL2 for funding (see above)
  • Apply to the university for the appropriate programme (and modules)
  • Send a copy of their ‘award letter’ with the relevant Purchase Order details to the university when they receive it.


University of the West of Scotland

Glasgow Caledonian University

 Please note that funding can only be applied for one year at a time, so a further SL2 form will be needed for the second year of any programme. Trainees will be sent a link with details of how to apply for the second year’s funding once they can evidence they’ve completed the first year.

Application process for funding EXISTING TRAINEE ANPs

  1. The Trainee should submit an SL2 with details of all the modules that they need to undertake this academic year (Sept 2019-August 2020)*.This form should be signed by off locally, accompanied by confirmation of completing the previous year’s modules** and then sent by email to [email protected] CLOSING DATE 25th JULY 2019

*listed on your education plan

**please list modules undertaken during 2018-19 and list whether passed/failed etc.



For the Non-medical prescribing module apply via the Pharmacy & Prescribing Support Unit – email Mandy Logan, Non-Medical Prescribing Co-ordinator for an application pack including your contact details. ([email protected]). ANP trainees should undertake Non-medical Prescribing at Masters Level (unless already held) at the institution the ANP programme is being undertaken. Please make it clear when applying to the Pharmacy & Prescribing Support Unit which institution the ANP trainee will be studying at.


A tANP SL2 form (with modules listed) can be downloaded here.