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Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Welcome to the webspace for the Advanced Nurse Practitioners of NHSGGC. Here you will important information with links to key documents, information on ANP education and CPD, and support with the ANP sign off procedure. 


Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Advanced nurse practitioners (ANPs) are experienced and highly educated registered nurses who manage the complete clinical care of their patients, not focusing on any sole condition (Chief Nursing Officer Directorate, Transforming Nursing Roles Paper 2, 2017) .  Within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde there are over 100 ANPs working across a wide variety of areas from primary care through to intensive care.

NHSGGC has been training and employing ANPs for many years and works closely with Glasgow Caledonian University, University of the West of Scotland, University of Stirling and Napier & Queen Margaret Universities in Edinburgh to prepare ANPs.

Recent Scottish Government work through Transforming Nursing Roles has added greater clarity around the role including an updated definition:


'' An Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) is an experienced and highly educated Registered Nurse who manages the complete clinical care for their patient, not solely any specific condition.  Advanced practice is a level of practice, rather than a type of speciality of practice.

ANPs are educated at Masters Level in advanced practice and are assessed as competent in this level of practice.  As a clinical leader they have the freedom and authority to act and accept the responsibility and accountability for those actions.  This level of practice is characterised by high level autonomous decision-making, including assessment, diagnosis, treatment including prescribing, of patients with complex multi-dimensional problems.  Decisions are made using high level expert, knowledge and skills.  This includes the authority to refer, admit and discharge within appropriate clinical areas.

Working as part of the multidisciplinary team ANPs can work in or across all clinical settings, dependent on their area of expertise.''

                                                                                                    (Scottish Government 2017)



Further information on the ANP role can be found in the documents below:


Transforming Nursing Roles - Introduction (TNR Phase 1 Paper)

Transforming Nursing Roles - Advanced Practice (TNR Paper 2)

NHSGGCs 2016-2020 Advanced Nurse Practitioner Strategy

NES Service Needs Analysis Tool 

NHSGGC Generic Advanced Nurse Practitioner Job Description

Standard Operating Procedure for new ANP roles 

Nursing 2030 Vision


Useful Websites


Advanced Practice Toolkit

ACAP Scotland (a forum for ANPs in Scotland( (Registered Charity SC042116)