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Medical Staff Induction

The WoSSVC is on the 5th floor of the New Lister Building in Glasgow Royal Infirmary.
Glasgow Royal Infirmary map including the New Lister Building and the Wishart Street entrance for delivery of samples out of hours

Organisational Welcome
Organisational welcome (internal access only)
NHSGG&C Core Values (internal access only)

Scotland Deanery

NHS Education for Scotland
The Knowledge Network is the national online information service for health and social care in Scotland. It includes a searchable online library of e-books and books from all over Scotland, which can be collected at the GRI library, on the 1st Floor of the New Lister Building. 
Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's principles and practice of infectious diseases Volume 1 & 2
John E. Bennett Raphael Dolin; Martin, J Blaser
Elsevier Saunders, 2015

Department orientation
Please use MAN-F-286 - Medical staff induction checklist (available on Q-pulse) during your induction to check off the induction requirements for medical staff
Please use this website to familiarise yourself with the department.
Department structure explained (purpose, mission and structure)
How the department/team is managed (documents available on Q-pulse):
  • MAN-SOP-012 - Information For Staff
  • MAN-SOP-020 - Attendance Management Policy
  • MAN-Q-014 - Complaints policy
  • MAN-SOP-013 - Safety Manual - Code of Practice
  • ED-89 - Health & Safety Policy
  • MAN-Q-001- Quality Manual
  • MAN-Q-002 - Quality Policy
  • LS-SOP-009 - Specimen Reception Procedures
  • ED-92 - Safe Working and Prevention of Infection
  • MAN-Q-036 v4 Control of Clinical Material
  • ED-97 - Guide for New and Expectant Mothers
  • ED-71 - Lone Working Policy
  • ED-90 - Information Governance Policy
  • ED-113 - Procedure for Confidentiality / Security and the Release and Management of Information
  • MAN-Q-033 - Patient Confidenciality - Transmission of results by telephone or fax
  • ED-112 - Uniform and Dress Policy
  • MAN-Q-006 - Error Reporting
  • ED-18 - Policy on the Management of Significant Clinical Incidents
  • ED-85 - Guidance on regulations for the Transport of Infectious Substances
  • ED-141 - Approved List of Biological Agents
  • ED-163 - Westguard Rules
  • MAN-F-220 - Norovirus policy
  • MAN-Q-037 - User manual


Leave request forms

  • For Registrars: MAN-F-012 - Leave Request Form
  • For Consultants:


Departmental cycle of meetings
  • Clinical / educational meeting for reporting staff 12:30 daily in Dr Aitken's office (Room 5.43)
  • Full WoSSVC staff trickle down 09:30 every Friday in the Registrars office (Room 5.42)
  • Full 5th floor New Lister Building staff trickle down 09:30 every first Thursday of the month
  • Audit meeting (monthly, flexible)
NHS GG&C policies including (internal access only):
  • Travelling to and from Work
  • Smoke Free Policy - NHSGGC
  • Lease Cars
  • Counter Fraud Services (also available in Q-pulse as ED14 Anti-Fraud Policy)
  • Copyright Procedures
  • Absence management
  • Board Code of Conduct
  • NHS Code of Practice on protecting Patient Confidentiality
  • Guidance on handling personal identifiable data
  • Data Security - Do's and Don'ts
  • New user PC access/ Email access
  • Personal Use of Social Media
  • Staff Uniform and Dress Policy
  • NHS Complaints Procedure
  • Health and Safety-Emergency Procedures
  • Photo ID Request
  • NHS Superannuation Scheme 
  • Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA)
  • Registration - LearnPro (e-learning)
  • Annual Leave Guidance and Request Form
  • Travel Expenses
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  • Display Screen Assessment and Guidelines
  • Disposal of clinical waste and sharps
  • Fire Policy
  • Health at Work
  • Incident Reporting/ Datix
  • Lone Working Policy
  • Management of aggression / Managing Conflict
  • Moving and Handling
  • Occupational Health
  • Personal and Protective Equipment
  • Personal Safety – Stalking Policy
  • Preventing Extremism and Terrorism
  • Prevention and Control of Infection
  • Libraries
  • Freedom of Information
  • Core Brief / Team Brief
  • Mobile Devices Policy
  • IT Security Policy
  • Information Sharing Protocol
  • Data Breach Policy
  • Equal Pay Statement
  • Employment of Statutory Registered Professionals Policy
  • Dignity at Work Policy
  • Workforce Change Policy and Procedure
  • Staff Uniform and Dress Policy
  • Attendance Management
  • Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
  • Grievance Policy and Procedure
  • Facilities Agreement
  • Worklife Balance Policies
  • Personal Use of Social Media



LearnPro statutory / mandatory training modules  (internal access only):

  • Fire Safety (5 modules) - during Induction and thereafter on an annual basis
  • Adult Protection - during Induction and thereafter as required by the role
  • Child Protection Induction Tool (not a learnPro module) - during Induction and thereafter as required by the role
  • Complaints and Feedback (5 modules) - during Induction and thereafter as required by the role
  • Safe Information Handling - during Induction and thereafter as required by the role
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) - during Induction and thereafter as required by the role
  • Equality and Diversity - during Induction and thereafter as required by the role
  • Health and Safety - during Induction and thereafter as required by the role
    • Health and Safety Awareness
    • Risk Assessment
    • Violence and Aggression
    • Manual handling (non-patient) 5 modules
    • COSHH
    • Display Screen Equipment
  • Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) - NOT REQUIRED FOR MEDICAL STAFF
  • Occupational Health - during Induction and thereafter as required by the role
  • Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICP) - during Induction and thereafter as required by the role
  • Risk Management - during Induction and thereafter as required by the role



Clinical Virology Network

If you are not already signed up to the Clinical Virology Network please take a look at the website (, sign up to the message board and contact the communications secretary to receive emails.