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Simple Recordings

Recording a Simple Presentation

So many services find themselves changing practices, and are left without an easy way to train, educate or consult. We’ve introduced a simple studio based recording service to allow us to meet this demand. We’ve produced this guide on how to prepare. We can still offer fully supported productions but these take longer in planning. We’ll review your requirements, contact you for any clarifications and confirm what the cost will be.

1. We really need to bring all of your presenters together to record within just one session, allowing us to edit and deliver the files to you as soon as possible. For all those involved in recording you need to compare diaries and find a session that you all can manage. We can’t offer split recording sessions at the moment and we’re unable to hold dates, so we need to confirm this in our filming diary.

2. There are 3 presentation categories which we accommodate within this Service – a voiceover to PowerPoint, a presentation to camera with AutoCue, or 2 people in a co-supporting discussion in a studio environment. If your need is for an instructional piece with close ups of equipment in use or a more complicated filming requirement, this would fall into a production category and would need more time in planning so this service wouldn't be appropriate.

3. For AutoCue we need the word file scripts by 12.00pm the day before filming (Monday slots by Friday the previous week). You need to be prepared, we rarely find anyone who can speak without errors or stopping because they’ve lost their train of thought, your studio time is finite - AutoCue is what we’d recommend.

4. If your talk lasts for 15 minutes, and we have been given the PowerPoint slides and script in advance and you’re well rehearsed on the script, 30 - 45 minutes per presenter may work. It’s quite possible to record 4-5 presentations in a morning or afternoon session.

5. Set a target presentation time, have your presenters prepare their PowerPoint, write their commentary and practice reading it aloud – seriously - it improves delivery and stops the assumption of timings made by skim reading (which is 3-4 times faster than moderate spoken pace), getting them to read it out loud confirms a match to your target.

6. Allocate your presenters with their scheduled appointment time for the session, they need only turn up 5-10 minutes beforehand.


  • Each presenter emails both their signed off script and presentation in advance.
  • We load the presentation onto our laptop for the recording session and video timeline on our edit station.

  • We load the script onto autocue if you have choosen to use it.


  • These recordings will be supplied as .mp4 files either direct to yourself via a Dropbox link for you to download, or will be sent to the NHSGGC webteam if you have chosen for the videos to go onto the NHSGGC YouTube channel.

  • If you are loading to YouTube then decide on whether it is a private (only those given the link will find it) or public link.

  • If you are using the files elsewhere then please tell us, as it will make a difference to how we render them for you.

Last Updated: 22 September 2021