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How we work

01. Understanding your goals

Tell us about what you need and how you think it might look. What problem you need to solve, the message you want to promote, who’s your audience, what reaction you want to invoke, what deadline you’re working to… bring us in at an early stage, to save you days in planning. 

02. How We Work

Video content explains complex processes in the most accessible way. We’ll work to understand your requirements, and how closely you want to be involved in production. We ask you to appoint a key contact to sign off on the script, scheduling, and creative treatment, this really smooths production.

03. Planning Content Creation

Once agreed, we’ll develop the project plan with you. This is where the creative process ramps up, we need to prepare your idea for filming, from co-writing scripts to getting your people comfortable on camera.

04. Creative Concept & Script-writing

In essence, we take complex ideas and interpret them, turning the problem in to a simple and clever narrative. If we don’t understand your goals, then we can’t produce what you need, so we revisit your ideas until we do, and support you in co-writing your script.

05. Storyboarding

Dependent on the treatment, we interpret a script visually by creating an image sequence that helps you ‘see’ the film before it’s made. Storyboards can be sketches on paper, photographic stills from recces, or developed as ‘animatics’ to get a sense of the timing, pace, voice and mood.

06. Pre-production Sign-off

Once the proposal has been signed off, we’ll assign a dedicated producer who’ll be your contact, overseeing the whole project. They’ll meet with you to review the content, tone, and style of your film and to discuss logistics such as contributors and filming locations.

07. Production

This tends to happen quickly over a short space of time, and with good reason. Everything should be planned, agreed and in place. It’s where we bring together your and our commitment. Don’t worry about last minute glitches, we’re used to solving them.

08. Post-production Edit

“We can fix it in post” is the last phrase we want to hear, but it’s where we can save the day if we’ve encountered unpredictable circumstances. In truth, this is where that little bit of magic in editing, can make a weighty topic or lack lustre subject sparkle and stand out.

09. Content Delivery

Before we began, we asked you what your deadline was, and equally important how, and where it was going to be used. Understanding release intention is key to successful promotion, and if you are unsure then we can advise on how best this can be delivered.

Last Updated: 26 August 2021