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The Neuroimmunology Laboratory participates in the UK NEQAS for Immunology, Immunochemistry and Allergy Scheme for the following:

  • CSF Oligoclonal Bands
  • Anti Paraneoplastic Antibodies (Anti Neuronal Abs)
  • Anti Acetylcholine Receptor Aantibodies
  • Anti Ganglioside Antibodies
  • Anti GAD65 Antibodies associated with Stiff Person Syndrome

We also take part in the Euroimmun EQA Scheme for:

  • NMDA Antibodies
  • LGI1 & CASPR2 (Anti Voltage Gated Potassium Channel Associated Proteins)
  • Anti Paraneoplastic Antibodies (Anti Neuronal Abs)

As a recognised EQA Scheme for Anti MAG is not commercially available, we take part in a sample exchange programme.