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Sample Transportation

SERUM, Samples from GG&C NHS may be sent as whole blood directly to the Neuroimmunology Laboratory. 1ml of serum taken from a clotted sample is required, blood should be centrifuged and serum separated if sample is to be sent by post. CSF 1ml of CSF   All specimens should be contained in a leak proof screw top tube.     Samples do not need to be sent frozen if they are clean, not haemolysed and arrive within two days. Samples from the UK should be sent by first class mail. Samples from out with the UK should be sent by courier.   PACKAGING   Packaging must meet the requirements of relevant UN and postal regulations. Put all specimen tubes into a secondary leak proof container; include absorbent material to absorb any spillage. Put the leak proof container and a request card with details of the request into an external package strong enough to withstand postal transit.   DO NOT PUT PAPER WORK ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE PACKAGE as it may be discarded with packaging.   INFORMATION REQUIRED FOR EACH REQUEST Label all tubes with patient name and date of birth or name and your lab number. On the request card give full patient name and identifiers (CHI or NHS number), date of birth, provisional diagnosis or clinical details and the test you require. Also include the date and time the sample was taken. Give full details of requesting lab, including name and department address for the report. Send this paperwork with the sample but in a separate bag INSIDE the external packaging.

Last Updated: 30 July 2020