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The NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Immunology department provides the Clinical Immunology Service and the Diagnostic Laboratory Service.

  • The Clinical Immunology Service includes assessment of patients with suspected immunodeficiency diseases and further management of primary immunodeficiency patients.


  • The laboratory offers a range of immunological tests covering the areas of Autoimmunity, Immunodeficiency and Allergy.



Our coeliac disease testing strategy has changed. ESPGHAN guidelines state that a total IgA level of ≥0.2 g/L is sufficient for reliable IgA tTG serology provided the patient is eating gluten regularly. All negative IgA tTG results with very low responses will have total IgA quantified. Samples with total IgA ≤0.4 g/L will be tested for IgG endomysial antibodies. However please note that this is a less sensitive test for coeliac disease.


Located at:

  • Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Please click on the links below to access information on test repertoire, test requesting and how to get in touch with us.