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Dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (DHEAS)

Dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (DHEAS) is the sulphated ester of the 19-carbon androgen DHEA, produced by the adrenal gland. DHEAS is the most abundant circulating androgen and shows no diurnal rhythm. DHEAS acts as a precursor to other androgens, such as androstenedione and testosterone.

Measurement of DHEAS may be of benefit for the investigation of excess androgen. DHEAS is relatively specific for the adrenal glands, whereas other androgens, such as testosterone and androstenedione are also produced by the gonads.

Sample Requirements and Reference Ranges

Sample type  Serum
Container  SST
Precautions  None
Minimum volume  2 mL
Reference range

 Pre-pubertal: <2.5 μmol/L

 Adult male: 2.5 - 16.0 μmol/L

 Adult female: 2.0 - 12.5 μmol/L

Turnaround time  7 days
Method  Abbott Architect
Quality Assurance