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Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Stroke MCN

GG & CLYDE Managed Clinical Network for Stroke GUIDING PRINCIPLES AIMS OF MCN

To ensure that services in the GG & Clyde NHS area that are designed to prevent and treat stroke and its consequences are of high quality, equitable, evidence-based and tailored to the needs of patients and carers.
  • Ensure optimal prevention of stroke disease in the GGNHS area
  • Ensure a seamless, high quality service exists for stroke care in the GGNHS area
  • Ensure equity of access (based on need) to optimal stroke care across the GGNHS area
  • Monitor and report on the performance of stroke care in the GGNHS area
  • To provide informed advice to the unified Board on priorities for development and investment
  • To provide a financial structure with accountability for monies allocated to the management and development of stroke services, and through which these would be channeled.
  • Develop and implement a strategy for Stroke care, in partnership with patients, relevant to the needs of patients in Primary and Secondary Care within GGNHS.
  • Establish the burden of stroke disease and the needs of patients and carers within GGNHS
  • Review and update GGNHS protocols and guidelines for Stroke care, in line with national guidelines.
  • Ensure that patients have equity of access (based on need) to defined high standards of care and consistent delivery of these across GGNHS.
  • Audit performance of services and identify areas for development.
  • Ensure integration of these proposals into the local health planning process
  • Ensure that QIS standards are met
  • Report to GGNHSB on the implementation of the Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke Task Force recommendations.
  • Ensure effective inter agency and interprofessional working to optimise patient care
  • Ensure best use of "stroke" resources in line with agreed priorities

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