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Recommended Literature


From the Clinical Otolaryngology Journal, the “ 12 minute consultation” series:

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Other recommended literature:

Sullivan FM et al. Early treatment with Prednisolone or Acyclovir in Bell’s Palsy. NEJM 2007. 357; 1598-1607. FULL TEXT AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON THE NET

Phillips JS et al. Evidence review and ENT-UK consensus report for the use of aminoglycoside-containing ear drops in the presence of an open middle ear. Clin Otolaryngol. 2007. 32;    330-6

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Jones N.  Classification and diagnosis of facial pain. Hospital Medicine 2001. Vol62(10);598-606


List compiled by:

Mr A Tsikoudas

Consultant ENT surgeon

January 2016


Last Updated: 26 May 2016