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Useful Documents

Over the past few years there have been important publications and reports that are the main drivers to improve care for people with dementia and mental health problems. We have included some of the most up to date ones.  Two examples include:

Working with Older People in Scotland: A framework for Mental Health Nurses outlines the specific knowledge, skills and values mental health nurses require to work with older people's mental health services. The Framework consists of six main themes - respect, rights and choice; communication; relationships; health and wellbeing; dementia; and end of life care.

Standards for Integrated Care Pathways (ICP) for Dementia sets the standard for care; underlining the need for partner system developments; incorporating an accreditation process; and support. In addition to the generic standards developed for integrated care pathways, several dementia specific standards have been developed. These include:

Recording of treatment for cognitive impairment;

Ensuring service users who develop behavioural or psychological dementia symptoms receive an intervention matched to their needs; and

That advance care planning is in place in relation to end of life care.

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