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Patient and Carer Area



Call the Referral Management Centre on 0141 347 8909

Contact Hours: Mon - Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am - 1pm




New assessment: 1. If first time accessing service 2. For new Orthosis 3. If previous appointment was more than 6 weeks ago and you need to see an Orthotist.


You may need to bring shorts to these appointments to allow your Orthotist to do a full biomechanical assessment and allow for casting/scanning/measuring if required.


If you miss a new assessment appointment, you will be taken off the waiting list and no further appointments will be arranged.  


Fitting appointment: If you have previously been assessed for an Orthosis, the next appointment will be to have this fitted.


This appointment will be arranged by your Orthotist before leaving your initial assessment.


Review appointment: If you are experiencing problems with your Orthotic device within 6 weeks of seeing your Orthotist.


Please ensure you bring the Orthotic device to the appointment with you for review.


If you miss a review appointment, no further appointments will be arranged unless otherwise requested by yourself.


Repair appointment: Short 5 minute slot to: 1. Hand Orthosis in for repair/adaption 2. Collect repaired/adapted Orthosis.


Please note you will not see an Orthotist at a repair appointment.






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