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New Stats Revealed at Trampoline Safety Launch

May 12, 2011 1:32 PM

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Scotland’s largest health board is today launching an information campaign on trampoline safety as new statistics reveal more than 200 children were treated for trampoline injuries at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children last year.

NHSGGC has joined forces with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) and local B&Q stores to offer parents and children safety guidance when using a trampoline at home.
Dr Neil Wilson is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the RHSC and has seen the number of children attending the hospital with trampoline injuries rise as more and more families buy them for their children.

He said: “Trampoline injuries can often be extremely significant. We see broken arms, broken legs, strains, bumps and bruises. Last year approximately 42% of children injured using play equipment were as a result of trampoline injuries at home.

“I think it is important that when allowing children to play on a trampoline they follow a few simple rules which will go a long way to preventing injuries. This safety guide covers a range of safety tips and simple rules that if followed will allow children hours of safe fun on their trampoline.

“Simple things like ensuring the trampoline is on soft ground and away from any hazards, like trees, fences or washing poles, make playing on a trampoline so much safer.”

The safety information, supported by ROSPA, is being distributed across Greater Glasgow and Clyde including schools, pre-five centres, GP surgeries, health centres and hospitals. Local B&Q stores have also agreed to provide the safety information to customers buying a trampoline.

It has been developed with parents and carers taking into account their own experiences and in some cases their own children’s injuries. It includes advice on rules for trampoline use, things to think about before buying a trampoline, where to put the trampoline and checking and keeping it safe.

Rules for using the trampoline:

• Make sure it is age appropriate
• Only one person on the trampoline at a time;
• No-one should go beneath the trampoline when someone is bouncing on it;
• Trampolines should not be used if the padding or safety net has come away or is damaged;
• No-one should attempt somersaults or complicated moves on trampolines at home.

Lesley Nish, Health Improvement Senior Accident Prevention added: “Trampolines have been extremely popular over the last few years and more and more children have them in their gardens.

“Unfortunately we are seeing more and more children being hurt when playing on trampolines. Parents asked for the safety information and safety tips to ensure their children can enjoy their trampoline safely. With the support of ROSPA and B&Q we hope to reduce the number of children being injured on trampolines at home.”


Case Study
Eva is 8 years old and spends hours on the trampoline with her three siblings. Early in April, at the beginning of the school spring break, Eva was happily bouncing away with her brothers and sisters. They were jumping into the air as Eva was landing and the result was Eva ended up with a broken bone under her knee.

She has only recently had her cast removed but still has a few weeks of crutches before her injury is fully healed.

Eva’s mum Claire said: “Eva suffers from cystic fibrosis and the trampoline provided an opportunity for her to get some exercise while having fun. We have always let the four children on together not thinking that any of them would be hurt.

“Unfortunately Eva ended up with a broken leg and weeks of treatment. As result of Eva’s injury we now only allow one of the children onto the trampoline at a time.

“I think giving parents tips to prevent injuries on a trampoline when they are puchasing it is a great idea and hopefully other children won’t end up with broken bones like Eva.”

For further information either telephone 0141 201 4429 or email [email protected].

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Trampoline Safety

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