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February 23, 2005 10:00 AM

NHS Greater Glasgow has written to the parents of 18 children, between the ages of one and five, to ask them to contact their GP to make arrangements for their children to receive an additional vaccination.

This is because, following a recent routine vaccination audit, it was discovered that the original vaccinations these children received were administered after their expiry date and the effectiveness of the vaccines cannot be guaranteed.

The 18 children being asked back for additional vaccination are patients at nine separate GP practices.

As a precautionary measure two children are to be revaccinated with the MMR vaccine and 16 for Polio.

The children involved received their vaccinations between October 2003 and August 2004.

Public Health officials stressthat the expired vaccines pose no threat to the health of the children in any way. Similarly there are no additional risks involved in receiving an extra dose of the vaccines involved.

Dr Iain Wallace, Medical Director for Primary Care Services, said: "The health of the children involved is not at risk.All vaccines have a period after the date of expiry where they remain effective and those involved fall within this category.However, while the vaccinations are likely to have provided adequate protection, as an added precaution, we will be asking these children to come back to receive an extra dose.

He added: "Detailed vaccination protocols are in place to prevent vaccines which are beyond their expiry date from being administered to patients and an internal investigation is now underway to identify how these protocols were breached in this instance. In the meantime I have written to all practices, health centres and clinics to reinforce the importance of being vigilant with the expiry dates of vaccines and the need to adhere to existing protocols."


For further information contact 0141 201 4429.


Background information

NHS Greater Glasgow vaccinates around 30,000 children every year.

Vaccinations across NHS Greater Glasgow are given by a range of health professionals including health visitors, practice nurses and GPs.

The MMR vaccination consists of two separate vaccine doses – the children who have been asked back for revaccination only require one dose as a precautionary measure not the full course.

The polio vaccination for pre-school children consists of four separate vaccine doses - the children who have been asked back for revaccination only require one additional dose as a precautionary measure not the full course

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