Major recruitment drive sees hundreds of new nurses join NHSGGC

Faseeha Amjad is a newly qualified nurse who has just started working for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

She is one of more than 500 new nurses who have been appointed upon graduation to join the Board’s existing 12,300 qualified nurses to deliver patient centred care to more than a million people both in hospitals and in the community.

The vast majority of the newly qualified graduates are joining from West of Scotland based universities with the remainder coming from other Scottish universities.

Faseeha, from Glasgow, will be based on Ward 20, the surgical assessment and receiving unit at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley.

She said: “At the RAH I’ll have plenty of learning opportunities to help build my skills as a registered nurse.

“I’m looking forward to working with the wide range of professionals in the hospital and developing as a nurse to deliver effective patient care.”

Fellow new start, Lisa Harvey, from Paisley, will also be based at the RAH working with the diabetic service on ward 10.

Lisa said: “I’m looking forward to putting all my training into practice and actually being a registered nurse. My hope is that I can continue to make a difference in peoples’ lives.”

Their appointment is a result of a record-breaking recruitment drive which began before the graduates had even sat their final exams.

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Nurse Director, Dr Margaret McGuire, explained: “HR teams met with graduates at the stage prior to exams when they were starting to plan a nursing career after University.

“This meant that the worry of where to go next was taken out of the equation allowing focusing on finishing courses.

“The NHSGGC recruitment team met with students on campus and outlined the strengths of NHSGGC as an employer and as a positive environment to start their nursing career.

“As a Board, it is always a great privilege for us to be able to support the development of newly qualified nurses. We are perfectly placed to give them a wide range of opportunities to put their talents to use in delivering high standards of care for our patients and communities.

“I firmly believe that by recruiting such a high number of graduate nurses and continuing their learning and development we are building on an already highly skilled workforce and ultimately ensuring high quality care for our patients.

“It is incredibly encouraging that NHSGGC continues to be seen by graduates as a desirable employer where they can grow their careers.”

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