RHC theatre staff are incredible every day

Theatre staff at the Royal Hospital for Children are no strangers to hard work, stressful situations, critical care and life at the sharp end.

They help patients and parents through some of the most stressful situations imaginable, often going above and beyond to provide their patients with the best care possible. It can be easy to forget to take the time to reflect on the enormity of what they do every day, but this is exactly what the RHC theatre team have decided to do.

In their self-produced film Incredible Every Day, the team reflect on some of their most remarkable days and moments at work.

Staff were asked “in one word, what keeps you coming back to work?” Their replies showed them to be a team filled with compassion, dedication, positivity and a love for their work.

The film’s director, consultant anaesthetist Dr Alyson Walker, said: “We work in an incredible hospital, and our staff do amazing jobs every day. I am proud to work as part of such a dedicated team.

“I wanted to make this film to remind everyone what a fantastic team they are. It is easy to get caught up in the daily trudge and forget what an impact we have on the lives of so many children and families.”

The department held a theatre evening and, over pizza, popcorn and ice-cream, all watched the final edit together.

“It felt like the staff bonded that evening, and that we all shared a special moment,” Alyson said.

Elaine Johnston, lead nurse for theatres, added: “Theatres is a challenging, exciting place to work, where we often see results very quickly. We deal with all sorts of operations: transplants, neurosurgery, cardiac, cleft palates… it is a rewarding and enjoyable place to work, and never dull.

“You are looking after children from newborn to teenagers, and you are also caring for their families through the process.”

Watch the film here...