Specialist Health and Work Service Celebrate 2nd Anniversary

In November 2017, our Specialist Health and Work Team celebrated their 2nd Anniversary, and for the past two years they have made an incredible difference to those with work related issues that have been affected by cancer. There has over 300 referrals since Beatson Cancer Charity took on the service in November 2015, but there is still plenty more the service is aiming for.

What is the service?

The Specialist health and Work Service is made up of a team of practitioners experienced in health and work-related issues, particularly, those who have been affected by cancer. The service supports those who are remaining in work, returning to work or looking for a new job.

Why is the service needed?

Research in last year has suggested one in four cancer patients in Scotland feel the pressure in returning to work before they are ready, while 23% are giving it up altogether. It has also been suggested that 18% of people diagnosed with cancer face discrimination when returning to work.

Our services aim is to raise awareness of how health and work has been successful, we are aquainting employees with the Equality Act and assisting with work adjustments, phased returns, accrued leave, altered hours, amended duties and many more. The services also include confidence building, fatigue management and motivational support.

Donna McLeod, Head of Beatson Cancer Charity’s Specialist Health and Work Service, says:

“When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, lots of thoughts and worries go through their minds, but work shouldn’t have to be one of those worries. Beatson Cancer Charity’s Specialist Health and Work Service plays a vital role in helping patients experiencing health and work challenges, ensuring they receive the best possible outcome in their situation. We’re on hand to provide direct support, information and guidance to patients and their families when they’re going through a difficult time. We also work with employers to help them understand their employee’s needs.”

How we've helped already...

Former clients explain in their own words how the service has supported them:

“Employers sometimes don’t understand the emotional impact a cancer diagnosis can have on you. The specialist health and work service team understood my sense of low self-esteem and isolation. They knew I felt useless and needed to work and be part of the workplace and enjoy the banter with my work colleagues. They helped me so much, they listen, and they know how important it is to feel useful and fulfilled.” – Alec

“The service would always be in touch to see how I was getting on and just being so friendly and supportive. It felt like a friend supporting you throughout the whole journey, a friend who knew the right thing to do.” – Kirsteen

"When I was considering going back to work, I got in contact with the specialist health and work service. The support I was given was tremendous and it didn’t just feel like support as part of their job. There was a general concern and it felt more like a friendship than a courtesy call. I really can’t thank the service enough for the support and friendship given to me, it will always be close to my heart.” - Kris

Find out more

You find out more information in our online leaflet here: beatson_shaw_booklet.pdf

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