Service changes and investment in Glasgow’s East End

Health services in the East End of Glasgow are set to be modernised in a move that will see both rehabilitation and health and social care being modernised and opened up to more residents.

More care is being delivered in local communities rather than hospitals and, although fit for purpose, neither the current Parkhead Health Centre or Lightburn Hospital are suitable for 21st century health and social care services.

Now, the prospect of a new £40 million state-of-the-art Health and Social Care Hub in Parkhead has moved one step closer following the Glasgow Integration Joint Board’s decision that it should be a priority for future investment.

John Brown, NHSGGC chairman, said: “A new expanded centre would be designed to be much more than a simple replacement of the existing facility.

“It would provide local people and the new residents of Dalmarnock – where there are currently no significant health services - with access to state-of-the-art health and social care facilities.

“North East Glasgow, and Parkhead in particular, has some of the worst health outcomes in Scotland. The planned design of the building will help further break down the barriers between services and make it easier for patients to access these services.”

At this early stage some of the services expected to be based in the new Parkhead centre would include two GP surgeries; dental services; community pharmacy; primary care mental health and psychotherapy; and rehabilitation and enablement services

Strategically located in a busy location, the current centre, thanks to good public transport links, is accessible to people in Parkhead and Dalmarnock as well as accommodating services used by residents across the wider east end.

The regeneration of the Dalmarnock area led by the Commonwealth Games is expected to result in the re-establishment of a new community in the area estimated at around 20,000 people.

Lightburn 2


Meanwhile, patients, families and interested groups are being encouraged to take part in the three month consultation process shaping the future of rehabilitation services in North East Glasgow.

Rehabilitation focuses on the needs of older people who have suffered an injury or are recovering from an illness. It aims to help people get back to their previous level of mobility, wellbeing and personal care.

The board is proposing that services would transfer from Lightburn Hospital to more appropriate settings such as:

  • Patients staying in hospital for the acute period of care only
  • Patients would receive acute rehabilitation with rapid access to the full range services and investigations needed to enable older people to return to their own homes or community sooner.
  • Health and Social Care Partnership community beds in local care homes providing rehabilitation for patients not requiring the full support of an acute hospital but not yet ready to return home
  • A day hospital delivering a more modern model of care with less repeat visits
  • Outpatients accessing one stop services with less repeat appointments and transfer across sites for investigations

John concluded: “We believe the people in the East End of Glasgow can flourish with access to care in the community when they need it.

“We’re actively transforming our services to help people and their communities lead stronger, healthier lives.”

Share your views

A consultation event on rehabilitation services is running at Lightburn Hospital on Wednesday 29 March between 2-7pm to explain the proposals, hear views and answer any questions.

A number of outreach sessions will also be held for patients, their families, carers and other members of the public during the first two weeks of April.

The full consultation runs until Wednesday, 3rd May.

To submit a response to the consultation, to find out more information, if you have any questions, or to arrange support to the event, please go to

or call 0300 123 9987 (free phone).