Let’s tell it like it is

Children need parents to grow up and use proper words for parts of their body

Willy, wee man, tinkle, front bottom, privates….. what words do you use for private parts of the body when talking with your children?

There is a wide variety of words used by families to refer to the penis or vulva. In fact, no other part of the body has been given so many different names!

This is really confusing for children and can get in the way of them asking questions or giving you accurate information.

A new website and video launched by NHSGGC’s sexual health service, Sandyford, are urging parents to tell it like it is and use the proper terms.

Jill Wilson, Health Improvement Lead, Sandyford said: “Often parents do find it difficult to talk about these things with their children.

“In 2015 we consulted parents, across NHSGGC, on their role in educating children about growing up, puberty, sexual health and relationships.

“Parents have told us they are keen to back up the learning that children get in school, but many feel unsure about what to talk about, when, and what language to use. So we built a website to provide this information and support parents in this area.”

Jill added: “We’ve also made a very short film, on the theme of language, which we hope will make parents laugh and then share on various social media platforms and by word of mouth. The film will be on the homepage of the website from 24th April.”

Sandyford Family 1

During the consultation one parent said: “The TV was on, Jeremy Kyle was on in the background, and then my son asks me ‘What’s a prostitute?”

Jill went on: “How would you handle that question? Would you feel like a rabbit in the headlights? Then you’re not alone.

“Most parents want their kids to direct their curious questions to them but sometimes we need a hand with how to answer them. For many parents, this is particularly so for questions about growing up, changing bodies, relationships and sexual health. Fear not, help is on the way!”