Top 5 reasons to fundraise for the Beatson

Here are the top five amazing reasons to fundraise for The Beatson this year - you can make a massive difference!

1. Get fit

Top 5 Reasons to Fundraise - 2

We all know exercise is good for you! It helps fight those extra pounds from the holidays and reduces all the stress of thinking about how much work you have to do over the next looming week. Well, now it can be even better! Join one (or more) of the many running events we have coming up during 2017 and raise funds for Beatson Cancer Charity while keeping in great shape at the same time. Check the link to find your favourite event and sign up today.

2. Meet new people

Top 5 Reasons to Fundraise - 1

If you are sociable and love meeting new people, there’s nothing better suited to you than volunteering. We have so many different opportunities you will never be bored. You will also gain new skills, get more work experience and make a practical contribution to helping cancer patients. Be it in the Wellbeing Centre, at the Welcome Desk, the Café or as our much-loved mascot, Bella Beatson – they all promise to be great fun and more importantly help us fulfil our mission of beating cancer. Our volunteers are invaluable and are the reason why we are able to fight cancer the way we do.

3. Making a difference

Top 5 Reasons to Fundraise - 4

Fundraising for us makes a practical difference to everyone affected by cancer in the west of Scotland since we support the main centre for cancer care in the region (2.7 million people). Starting a fundraising campaign can be beneficial for many reasons. You will not only support us but also raise awareness, which might ultimately inspire someone else to start a campaign as well. This way you will have a much bigger impact in the long term.

4. Running cost of the wellbeing centre for a day

Top 5 Reasons to Fundraise - 5

Setting yourself a realistic goal might motivate you even more. Why not try to raise the running cost of the Wellbeing Centre for a day, which is £1500. This way you know the exact impact you will have. Our wellbeing centre provides complimentary therapy for free for all patients of the Beatson and makes a real difference in lifting the spirits of those affected by cancer. It also provides a separate non clinical environment that is great for relaxing, reading and watching movies as a getaway from the hospital wards.

5. Feeling rewarded

Top 5 Reasons to Fundraise - 6

If all of the above are still not enough, we have another reason for you. Fundraising can be incredibly rewarding and make you feel happier. Running in a sponsored marathon knowing that you are responsible even for a small victory against cancer is like no other feeling.

For ways to fundraise and support us go to: