8 wacky fundraising ideas you can do for 2017

If you've already broken your New Year's resolution to be more active and a sponsored marathon is not on the agenda, here are 8 wacky ideas for fundraising and supporting Beatson Cancer Charity in 2017.

1. Guessing game

8 Wacky ways to fundraise 1

This is for you, café and shop owners. Fill in a big jar of Skittles and get customers to guess how many there are inside. If they don’t get the number, they will have to pay £5 that will come to us. And for those who succeed you can decide on an appropriate prize, maybe a discount voucher for the next time they visit?

2. A close shave or wax attack

8 Wacky ways to fundraise 2

This is another popular way to fundraise, many have shaved their hair in support of cancer patients and have raised a lot for charity. In this little guide we offer a fun twist – choose your hairiest friend or colleague and do a waxing challenge for charity. It will be a laugh for sure (unless you are the poor hairy fellow)!

3. Throwback Thursday or flashback Friday

8 Wacky ways to fundraise 3

Pick a decade and do a fun costume day at work, while raising money to fight cancer. We all know everyone needs a bit of extra colour to brighten the morning meeting.

4. Money for misdemeanours!

8 Wacky ways to fundraise 4

Another one for the office! Getting a swear jar and paying up every time you slip up is a great and easy way to support us. And if you have a sneaky colleague eating other people’s lunch – punish them and make them pay! All for a good cause of course.

5. Win a day off work!

8 Wacky ways to fundraise 5

This is the auction everyone has been waiting for! The highest bidder will win a day off work and be smug about it for a whole month after! We are sure this one will raise quite the sum not that we are calling you lazy.

6. Give something up for a month

8 Wacky ways to fundraise 6

And this one is for the chocolate lovers and smokers, who need inspiration to quit. Do a challenge for a month and raise money for Beatson Cancer Charity.

7. 24 hour game-a-thon

8 Wacky ways to fundraise 7

Alternatively, you can do a 24 hour game-a-thon and raise money to support us without having to leave the house. We know that’s all you want to do anyway so this is your chance to shine!

8. Bath in beans

8 Wacky ways to fundraise 8

Which friend or colleague will pull the short straw? Get sponsored to take a dip in a bath of baked beans. Kids will definitely pay their pocket money to see their teachers do this.

For more ways to fundraise and support us go to: