The art of escapism at Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Glasgow teacher Angela Campbell would never have dreamed she would have been able to walk to Glencoe as she recovered from major surgery in Glasgow.

Within a week she had also stretched her legs in North Uist and Taransay, thanks to a pioneering project at Glasgow Royal Infirmary called the Advanced Recovery Programme.

Behind the scheme is senior charge nurse Lorna Prentice whose love of the outdoors gave her the idea to improve her patients’ chances of recovery from major, life-changing surgery.

The Enhanced Recovery programme begins even before a patient has undergone surgery and aims to get patients up on their feet, using stunning imagery by acclaimed photographer Glyn Slattery to inspire them on their journey.

His beautiful paintings are displayed throughout ward 64 in the famous Glasgow hospital, side by side with rotas and medical charts.

Lorna explains: “It’s great to hear patients saying they have walked to Iona today and will aim for North Uist tomorrow. His stunning images give patients an element of escapism in what is often a difficult time for them and their families. It’s much more interesting than saying I walked to the day room and back.

“It is so important that following surgery patients are as mobile as possible as it keeps everything working as it should. If you are constantly in bed, you are more prone to complications such as clots and infections, so it’s vital to get up and about as much as possible. These patients are going through major, life changing surgery and it’s my job to keep them as mobile as possible. That’s where Glyn’s pictures come in – they do the rest!”

For Angela, from Kirkintilloch, Glyn’s landscapes have provided a much needed distraction.

She said: “The enhanced recovery programme helps you set your own targets and incorporating the artist’s work is s great idea. It’s a journey through Scotland and when you look at them you feel you are all on that journey together.

“It’s a real positive, you look at the pictures and think where do I want to be?

“It’s beautiful art and beautiful colours and you can get lost in it.”