Quick-thinking Greenock nurses save a life

Greenock nurses June Doherty and Suzanne Taylor thought they had finished for the day when they set off for their regular exercise class.

Little did they know that their lifesaving skills would be put into action, minutes into the boxercise class in the Victorian Suite in Greenock.

Thankfully instinct kicked in for Inverclyde Royal nurses June and Suzanne, when a woman in her 50s collapsed right in front of them and they began resuscitating her. They managed to stabilise her until paramedics arrived and thanks to their actions the woman was taken to hospital to recover.

June said: “The class had just started and the woman collapsed. She had stopped breathing and both Suzanne and I started CPR to resuscitate her.

“We have worked together a long time and we are friends. But we have never come across this outside of work before. There were a few tears after it all.

“The family got in touch, sending us lovely messages, thanking us for saving the lady’s life. We are just glad we were there and that she is going to be okay.”

Suzanne, 39, added: “It has been very emotional for us. We are just so happy the lady is doing well. That is all that matters.

“She was behind me and I just thought she had fallen over at first and then we realised it was bad. The adrenaline kicks in and instinct takes over.

“It is very different when you are in a hospital setting and all the equipment is there. You obviously are expecting something to happen and you are prepared for it at work.”

“June and I were colleagues for 18 years, a very long time, and we are very close friends. We worked as team to carry out the CPR.”

June and Suzanne believe that the incident highlights how important it is that more members of the public should be trained in first aid.

June said: “My teenage daughter and her friend were there with me. They saw it all and it really shocked them. They now want first aid training and I hope if anything this highlights how important that is.”