Modernisation of mental health services

Mental health patients in Glasgow and Clyde are set to benefit from bright new contemporary accommodation.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) are investing millions to bring our mental health facilities into the 21st century. There will be no more asylums on the top of the hill for our mental health residential patients.

Work has already started on the Gartnavel Campus where Tate House is being transformed into comfortable, bright and airy, state-of-the-art accommodation including en suite single bedrooms for residential mental health patients.

We are driving forward with our mental health strategy which aims to: deliver the best methods of treatment so that mental health patients can live a more normal life in the community; and to deliver state-of-the-art contemporary accommodation for patients who hospital care.

Colin McCormack, NHSGGC head of mental health services, said: “We’re always looking to improve the quality of care that patients are receiving and that includes providing a much higher standard of accommodation.

“Some of these patients can be in our care for long periods of time so it’s only right they have a space to themselves in a much more homely environment. Mental health patients who are staying in a better environment, in single rooms and in particular on a green site which allows the opportunity to go for a walk or work in allotments, makes for a happier patient. And a happier patient is an easier patient to manage, which in turn should reduce the time the patient needs to spend in our facilities.”

Pic below: An artist’s impression of the new accommodation at Tate Ward, including the single en-suite room

Mental Health - Tate Ward Room