Glasgow on trial - for all the right reasons

Glasgow has a proud history of world leading medical research and development from the ultrasound to the use of antiseptic in surgery and the first ultrasound images of unborn babies.

Today our story continues to evolve and right now the city has never been in a stronger position to play an important role in the delivery of ground-breaking research and innovation that will shape health improvement and patient treatments right across the globe in years to come.

Glasgow is home to one of the most ambitious clinical trial programmes in Europe delivering huge benefits to thousands of patients every year and helping to attract some of the brightest clinical staff to our city’s hospitals and universities.

We are experiencing a whole new level of development and leading edge activity according to our Director of Research and Development Professor Julie Brittenden who also holds the post of professor of vascular surgery of the University of Glasgow.

In the past year alone more than 550 non-commercial trials have got underway and a further 250 commercial studies began. Driving this agenda forward are more than 427 principle investigators supported in their ground-breaking work by our outstanding clinical infrastructure research facilities which we share with Glasgow University.

Julie said: “We are very fortunate here is Glasgow to be developing a very strong research portfolio. There is a real vibrancy; we have lots of world-class researchers and fantastic facilities.”

The advancement of technologies and treatments is the goal but perhaps the most immediately impressive statistic is that more than 10,000 of our patients are benefiting from taking part in these world-leading clinical trials across a whole spectrum of treatments ranging from cancer to biomedical engineering – and everything in-between.

Julie added: “Our biggest asset by far is our patients. They help us improve the health of the population. And there is an added benefit for the patient as those on a trial tend to have better outcomes. This is partly down to the fact they have an opportunity to have access to a drug they wouldn’t otherwise get.”

NHS Scotland’s ambition is to be recognised globally as a “come to place” for health science. NHSGGC and Glasgow University is in the vanguard of that ambition and delivering daily increased benefits for the health outcomes of our patients.

Julie said: “Success breeds success and our reputation continues to grow. There is so much going on here in Glasgow – we are leading the way – and that boosts morale. This makes it easier for us to attract the best of the best.”