Award for team who produce 10,000 nutritious patients meals every day

The hospital catering team serving Glasgow and Clyde’s hospitals has been recognised as amongst the best in Britain.

The catering strategy team was one of three finalists in the Catering Team of the Year category at the Hospital Caterers Association awards in Belfast’s Titanic Centre last month.

The team was honoured for its work in devising a variety of meals, which are nutritionally analysed, in partnership with dieticians and patients.

Almost 10,000 of these nutritionally analysed meals are produced every day in two large kitchen facilities in Paisley and Greenock before being served to patients across 17 hospital sites.

Proud achievement

Kate Murray, head of catering, said: “Making it to the final is a wonderful testament to all the hard work the catering service has carried out to ensure patients have a wide choice of nutritious and appealing meals.

“We’re proud that our own catering staff prepare 3.6 Million meals annually and that patients are enjoying the meal options available to them.

“As a service, we’re determined to give our patients meal choices that suit their needs. We’re part of the multi-disciplinary team involved in nutritional care and are the only board in Scotland employing a full-time dietician as part of the catering team.

“We have spoken with 3,200 patients over the last 12 months to allow us to receive continual feedback on what we’re doing right and identify any areas for improvement.

“Patients, members of the public and staff were invited to a series of events to taste new recipes and improvements to existing ones. A rotating fortnightly menu is now offered following two rounds of consultation with patients and staff to ensure patients’ nutritional needs are met.”

Cutting waste

The service was also recognised for effectively introducing more choice as well as cutting down on levels of food waste.

Staff now have more accurate food preparation plans based on actual, rather than projected, meal uptakes.

Our catering team has been participating in a pioneering national trial of Bedside Electronic Patient Meal Ordering across a number of hospitals including the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

This allows the catering service to free up more time for nurses to spend with patients, identify menu trends and reduce food waste by allowing patients to choose their meals as close to mealtimes as possible.

This has helped to reduce waste and the level of unserved meals is now running at an average of 7.75% of all meals produced, which is lower than the national target of 10%.