Volunteers’ Week 2017 - Elaine’s motivation

As we celebrate Volunteers Week 2017 and look at the incredible impact all our volunteers make at The Beatson. Here is Elaine Urquart's own experience on what it's like to volunteer for the charity and what it means to her.

"What makes me very proud to be involved is I've seen the great work The Beatson have done over the years for my family and friends and I feel I can make a real difference to people that use our facilities no matter how small my contribution is.

Everyone's story is different on why they volunteer - for me it's about giving something back even though I have been fortunate enough not to needed to use our services personally. I enjoy being part of a bigger team and it allows us all to do our bit if that's an hour or two or a couple of days a week.

I love the variety it offers me from donning my pink tunic on a Tuesday night to grabbing a yellow tee shirt and a black pinny in the Cafe and making hundreds of cups of tea, coffee and hot chocolate. After all in Glasgow we understand the power of a cuppa and a smile.

Volunteers Week - Elaine 2

So far I've rattled buckets in M&S, put on a posh frock at the Big Apple Ball, supported folk at Tthe Kiltwalk and Monklands half marathon to name but a few. And I've got my name down for a few more events in 2017!!!!

But what gives me the greatest pleasure is when someone in the Wellbeing Centre says how much they enjoy coming upstairs to see the views, get a treatment or a natter it helps them forget they have cancer for a wee while and they can feel normal. And I'm happy if what I do helps someone just feel normal even for a wee while.

I'm proud to do my bit for The Beatson."

Volunteers truly make a remarkable impact at Beatson Cancer Charity - in 2016-17, a total of 3,794 hours were covered by volunteers for our Patient and Family Support services. While last month, alone, 600 volunteering hours contributed to our Beatson Cafe. These numbers do not take in to account the many hours covered by volunteers who support our very busy fundraising schedule from bag-packing, bucket collections, golf days, charity events, and many more. We can't thank them enough!

If you would like find out more about volunteering for Beatson Cancer Charity visit our info page.

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