How your donations support us

Beatson Cancer Charity is so grateful for the continued dedication of our supporters, volunteers and staff. Every penny makes a difference and we would like to provide an idea of how your donations directly support cancer patients in the west of Scotland.

Wellbeing Centre and Patient and Family Support

Starting from our services, we are so proud to fund our award-winning Wellbeing Centre at The Beatson. The centre provides a non-clinical environment for patients with tea, coffee or a fresh fruit smoothie. There are many sources of entertainment, such as iPads, DVDs, a cinema room and different reading options. The centre also provides complimentary therapies including reflexology, massage, reiki, relaxation, manicure, pedicure and holistic facials and teaches anxiety management and self-esteem boosting techniques. These services have recently been expanded to other hospitals in the area including Lanarkshire Beatson, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, the New Victoria Hospital and Vale of Leven Hospital. Cancer can have a devastating effect not only on patients’ physical health, but also on their mentality. These services are vital for providing the necessary support and personal touch, so that every patients outcome is the best possible. This is why they are provided free of charge and funded by our generous donors through Beatson Cancer Charity.

Since 2014, we have invested over £2.8 million into these services. The running cost of the Wellbeing Centre for one day is £1,500 and £200 could fund Patient and Family Support services in Lanarkshire for a full day. £25 will fund an hour of complementary therapy such as reflexology or massage to help patients. £75 will help fund an hour of our highly experienced therapy management team to support patients and £150 - a wheelchair to transport patients comfortably between wards and treatment rooms.

Specialist Health and Work Service

Beatson - Donations, Specialist Health and Work Service

A cancer diagnosis can also have a profound effect on the patient’s ability to work. In order to support patients and their families, we provide this comprehensive service, provided by experienced practitioners. Since the onset of the service in November 2015, we have supported more than 225 patients with their work related difficulties, acquainting employees with the Equality Act and assisting with work adjustments, phased returns, accrued leave, altered hours, amended duties and many more. Find out more at our website.

Specialist Staff

Beatson - Donations, Specialist Staff

Funded specialist staff resources funded include specialist nursing, radiography and research based staff that would not otherwise be in post. These funded posts make a direct impact on enhancing care and support for cancer patients and their families, as well as undertaking vital educational and research activity. £3,000 could fund a Clinical Nurse Specialist for a month to use their advanced nursing skills to care and support patients who are undergoing treatment. Read about funded post Nicola.

Enhanced medical equipment

Beatson - Donations, Enhanced Medical Equipment

The charity funds a range of advanced medical equipment to meet the needs of cancer patients including electric beds and specialist chairs. £500 could help to fund a specialist relaxation chair for patients receiving chemotherapy.

Novel research projects

Beatson - Donations, Novel Research

Research funding is provided for unique and vital research programmes contributing to the fight against cancer both now and in the future. £10,000 could fund the start-up costs of a research project to help beat cancer. Find out about the Radiotherapy Research Project we are supporting.

All of the above would simply not be possible without the generosity of our donors and supporters. Every donation, both large and small, makes a huge difference to the people we support and it couldn’t be easier to do. Please make a single donation today using a debit or credit card. It’s quick, easy, and secure and you’ll be making a difference today. Thank you!

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