Family pay tribute to wonderful GRI team

At 87-years and suffering severe sepsis and an ischaemic bowel condition Ken Barrett knew he was dying. From his hospital bed in ward 18/19 of Glasgow Royal Infirmary he only wanted one thing… to go home and be with his beloved family. His condition was such that this was never going to be possible.

Instead of going home his wife, his children, his grandchildren and the entire NHS care team worked their own little miracle and brought the family home to his hospital room.

His favourite books and family photographs, mementos of a life well lived all adorned his room. For three weeks his family took turns to always be with him. And they witnessed what they described as the most compassionate and loving care from everyone involved in his care – from the domestic, clerkess and student nurse through to the auxiliaries, registered nurses and right up to the registrar and consultant in charge.

Daughter Gillian said: “With the incredible support of everyone in this ward we turned Room 1 into our home and the family moved in! Ken never asked to go home again. We were treated with the utmost respect. The difference they all made to the last few weeks of my dad’s amazing life is immeasurable”.

Watch Gillian with her mother Jennifer talking about the care Ken received during his time at the GRI.