We're ‘all ears’ when it comes to your feedback

This month sees the launch of a new campaign to encourage patients to feedback their experiences of NHS services.

When it comes to improving services and the patient experience, there is no better way than to listen to what our patients and their carers have to say.

Our staff and our patients are the “stars” of a special video we’ve made at NHSGGC to show how important and useful the feedback from service users is in helping us drive up standards and improving the patient experience of NHS healthcare.

The video will be shown to our staff but is also available for patients and the public to view on our website www.nhsggc.org.uk/patientfeedbackvideos

We’re hoping our readers will use our online patient feedback system to tell us about their experiences.

In the past year we have gathered in the comments of more than 10,000 patients through our various “feedback” mechanisms, but that’s just one bit of the big picture.

Now our nursing director Margaret McGuire is out to drive up the amount of feedback we get and to use that information to improve the patient experience.

NHSGGC has been using that information constructively to identify things that can be changed or adapted to make them better or to realise what works really well for patients and make sure it is done consistently right across the organisation.

To help patients and their carers understand how their feedback can make a difference we have created a couple of short educational films to give real examples of how feedback can lead to real improvements for everyone.

The films are short and sharp and get right to the point and they also feature our staff in real work settings and involve patients and volunteers too. Anyone who wants to give us feedback on their experience can view our short films promoting patient feedback at www.nhsggc.org.uk/patientfeedbackvideos

Posters will also appear in healthcare settings across West Dunbartonshire over the next few weeks promoting awareness, the various means of gathering feedback and also encouraging staff and the public to watch the films.

Margaret McGuire, Nurse Director, NHSGGC, said: “It was vital that we maintain our commitment to delivering the highest standards of care and meeting the needs of patients, carers and families and one way of capturing how we perform is to hear the opinions from our patients and their carers.

“Hearing about both good and bad experiences are important opportunities for us to learn about how we can improve the delivery of services.

“This is why patient and carer feedback is crucial in our work to continuously improve services to make them truly patient-centred.”

To give us your feedback, visit: www.nhsggc.org.uk/patientfeedback