We'd love to hear from you about your experiences

We love to hear feedback from our patients and their families or carers.

That’s how we can best maintain what really works well and how we can improve things that could be better.
We’ve made a short film featuring real examples of how patients have helped us improve things as a result of telling us about their experiences.

In the past year we were able to capture the comments of more than 10,000 patients.

It’s encouraging that the compliments far outweighed the complaints…but complaints and comments really can inspire change.

People told us that our visiting times rules really didn’t suit many of them so we changed them radically and now operate a virtual open ended visiting regime in all our acute hospitals.

Patients told us they felt vulnerable and unable to easily return to normal life after a prolonged period in an intensive care unit. We subsequently developed a five week rehabilitation and support initiative for both the patient and their families.

Patients told us our food and menu selection could be improved and so that’s exactly what we did. Our catering staff created new menus following patients and visitors “tasting sessions” and these were introduced in April this year which now include “lighter” options such as jacket potatoes and sandwiches.

These are just a few examples of many.

Our nurse director Margaret MacGuire is leading work to encourage more feedback to inform further improvements based on the real experiences of those using our services.

“It is a really powerful and persuasive tool for change and I want to thank all the patients and carers or relatives who took the time and effort to help us gather this feedback and improve the patient experience."

It’s easier than ever before for patients to tell us about their experiences.

View our short film below, promoting patient feedback.

You can give us your feedback by going to our Patient Feedback page.