Proposing changes to the Centre for Integrative Care

You might have read headlines recently about ‘last ditch’ efforts to save the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital.

If so, you’d be forgiven for thinking its demise was imminent.

But you’d be wrong.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is not proposing the closure of the Glasgow Centre for Integrative Care as it is known.

Instead, we are proposing changes to the way that the Centre for Integrative Care delivers care to the thousands of patients who benefit from its care every year – to bring in line with modern approach to healthcare being introduced up and down the country.

What is the current service at the Centre for Integrative Care like?

The Centre for Integrative Care currently has seven inpatient beds, which are open from Monday afternoon to Friday morning. 

The beds are used for small numbers of admissions.  Last year less than 350 people used the inpatient beds at the Centre for Integrative Care - just over 5 per cent of all patients attending the Centre for Integrative Care.

Patients who have an inpatient stay at the Centre have been referred by their Consultant to take part in a specific inpatient programme that runs from Monday afternoon until Friday morning and involves therapies such as group therapy sessions, nutrition and diet advice, massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, psychological support and counselling. 

All inpatients take part in the same programme and the seven beds in the Centre provide overnight accommodation for patients while they are taking part in this course. 

All of the services and therapies that are provided in this programme are available in the outpatient department. 

What is our proposal?

Our proposal is to remove the inpatient beds at the Centre for Integrative Care. 

We will continue to provide the full range of current treatments on an outpatient or day case basis.  This means that:

  • People who attended the patient education course as an inpatient, will now do this as a week-long outpatient programme.
  • Patients having mistletoe and homeopathic treatments will come to the CIC for the day to have these treatments
  • Inpatients who had acupuncture as part of their inpatient stay will still be able to have acupuncture as part of the existing outpatient programme. 

In circumstances where there is a clinical need, we will be able to make arrangements for admissions or organise overnight accommodation for patients. 

Why are we suggesting these changes?

The inpatient service has already been reduced from having 15 beds open seven days a week, to seven beds, open four nights a week.  This change was made because there were not enough patients using the beds to their full capacity. 

After reducing the number of inpatient beds, the inpatient service is still underused, with only 260 patients attending as inpatients in the last year.

The Centre has been very successful in developing an day case model of care. All services offered by the Centre can be provided by patients coming in for an outpatient appointment, or to spend a day in the Centre.

The vast majority of the services delivered by the Centre for Integrative Care is already done so in an outpatient setting. 

How can I get involved?

We know that there is a concern among the patients, carers and wider stakeholders of the Centre for Integrative Care that any changes may pose a risk to the future of the Centre itself.  This is not the case. 

However, we want to ensure that as many people as possible get to hear about the proposal, and are able to provide their comments on it.

Please call to tell us your thoughts, or put your comments in writing.  All feedback that we get from patients, carers, and other stakeholders will be carefully considered and used to help inform our decision.

Get in touch with:

Patient Experience Public Involvement Project Manager,
Patient Experience, Public Involvement,
4th Floor,
West Glasgow ACH,
Glasgow, G3 8SJ