Consultation on changes to Paisley children’s ward gets underway

The public are to have their say on a proposal to transfer a children’s ward in Paisley to the new state-of-the-art Royal Hospital for Children just a few miles down the road.

The board will be launching a consultation on the proposal and is particularly keen to hear from those who use children’s services of the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

The proposal already has the backing of doctors who work at the two hospitals.

They agree that the move would improve the care for children in Clyde by giving them access to world class facilities.

Now the public have their chance to hear the case for change and to give their views in the formal consultation exercise which will run for the next three months.

Finest paediatric hospital

Dr Jennifer Armstrong, medical director, explained: “The new Royal Hospital for Children is one of the finest paediatric teaching hospitals in the UK and the largest in Scotland.

“The entire focus of RHC is around children and young people, with care provided in a child friendly environment.

“If this move goes ahead, young patients from Clyde would benefit from the same first class, state-of-the-art facilities as other children who already attend the hospital from across the West of Scotland.”

Case for change

There are a number of key benefits from the new hospital, including:

  • The latest technology and specialist children’s equipment available in the hospital
  • The full range of specialist teams together working in one hospital
  • Dedicated diagnostic facilities
  • Specialist adolescent facilities including zone 12, the Medicinema and dedicated young people workers
  • Other features such as the teddy hospital
  • Single rooms with en-suite patient accommodation

Outpatient services to remain local

Under the proposals, the majority of services will continue to be provided locally, with a full range of outpatient and community services and access to the emergency department remaining at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

Outpatient and day care paediatric activity would also remain local at the acute hospitals in Greenock and at the Vale of Leven.

And importantly, the same doctors who see young patients from Clyde today would also continue to work between Paisley and the new hospital if the proposal goes ahead.

Dr Armstrong said: “This is not about the quality of care at the RAH. The quality of care has been good for many years but the opening of the new hospital provides the opportunity to give the children of Clyde access to world-class facilities.

“The RAH simply cannot match these facilities at the state-of-the-art specialist children’s hospital.”

Have your say

The consultation period is expected to run from early November 2016 to February 2017.

More information will be available on our website here inform-engage-and-consult/clyde-paediatric in due course.

In the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with Rachel Killick, Patient Experience Public Involvement Manager, on:

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  • Emailing us: [email protected]
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