What we do

“I am back in again, this is the 17th time this year. At least I have MediCinema to look forward to.”
- Callum, Glasgow

Hospital is the last place anyone wants to be.

Living with a long term condition, illness, disability or developmental difficulty is hard; it’s hard for patients, hard for their families and especially hard when medical intervention is required. But across the UK, thousands of the very sickest children and adults find themselves admitted to hospitals, rehabilitation centres or specialist clinics for weeks, months or even years at a time. And whilst the treatment and care they receive is essential, a long stay can take its toll as there are few distractions, nowhere to go and little opportunity to take part in fun, sociable activities that offer respite from their illness. In short, it’s hard to feel normal when you’re restricted in your options or confined to a hospital bed day in, day out.

But we believe in the power of cinema. A good film makes everyone feel better.

MediCinema is here to give patients and their loved ones the chance to escape their ward, to forget about their condition and be captivated by the best cinema has to offer.

We do this by building, installing and running state-of-the-art cinemas in hospitals and clinics. They are free for patients and their families to use and designed specifically for a healthcare setting with dedicated nursing staff on stand-by. It doesn’t matter if a patient is in a bed, wheelchair, attached to a drip or constrained in another way, there’s a place for them at MediCinema.

And thanks to our long-standing relationship with the film industry, we are able to screen newly released movies, multiple times a week, so everyone has the chance to see the next big blockbuster.

“A truly amazing facility, a unique experience and one I intend to repeat many times. Not only a fabulous feast for the eyes but a truly immersive experience - a place you can come to, forget your troubles and lose yourself in a world of fun and fantasy.” Aneurun, aged 15

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