Vital Hour appeal, John's Story

Vital Hour – An hour of reassurance

If you’ve ever been in a hospital, you’ll know how unsettling, nerve-wracking and intimidating the experience can be. This is exactly how it felt for one of The Beatson's patients, John, when he began his cancer treatment.

One of six Clinical Nurse Specialists funded by Beatson Cancer Charity, Cathy was there when John was first told he had Melanoma. It was a devastating moment for him. He thought it would mean the end of his life, but right from the beginning Cathy reassured him that there was hope.

“Cathy was in the room with me when I was told that my Melanoma had spread. At those moments of deep shock, you really need someone to calm you down, explain everything in depth, and start laying out the treatment plan. That’s what Cathy did for me and it made a huge difference. I went from thinking, ‘I’m going to die’ to ‘Right, this isn’t going to be so bad’. I really feel Cathy is there for me 24 hours a day… I always feel I have someone to turn to.”

Your gift could pay for a vital hour of support, and help us ensure a Clinical Nurse Specialist like Cathy can be there for someone with cancer when it really matters.

A gift of just £21.67 could provide another vital hour of care for patients like John.