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IDL Process – Pharmacy not required

Doctor / Prescriber steps

Initial Steps

  1. In the patient’s record in Clinical Portal click the Medication/IDL tab
  2. From menu on left click IDL Pathway
  3. Click Enroll in Pathway
  4. From Pathway drop-down select Immediate Discharge Letter
  5. Click Select Episode of Care
  6. If an episode of care has defaulted into the Encounter box make sure it is the current episode of care and click Complete
  7. If the Encounter box is empty, click Add and use the Patient Episode Search pop up box to search for and select the episode, then click Complete

Two-part process: IDL Form and Discharge Medication Review. These can be done in any order.

Part One: IDL Form

  1. 1. Click IDL Form
  2. 2. Fill in the required fields, entering the main body of the letter in the Comments field. Fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory.
  3. 3. Click Save Draft IDL if required. Complete must be clicked once the letter is finalised so that the nurse can complete the discharge process.

Part Two: Discharge Medication Review

  1. Click Discharge Medication Review then click the blue Discharge Medication Review Task button
  2. Select each medicine in the Previous Medications section and click Modify / Stop / Withhold / Continue as appropriate
  3. Make sure you carefully check every medicine to determine whether the patient should be discharged on this medicine, and that the dose and other details are correct
  4. Add medications if needed by clicking Add Medication and filling in the required fields
  5. Once a decision has been made on every medication, click Complete. This will send the medications to Pharmacy to review, irrespective of whether the IDL form has yet been completed.

Skipping Pharmacy

  1. Click AdHoc Tasks
  2. Click Pharmacy Review Not Required
  3. Enter a reason and click Complete. This will trigger the Ward Dispensing Task.

Nursing steps

Ward Dispensing

  1. In the patient’s record in Clinical Portal click the Medication/IDL tab
  2. From menu on left click IDL Pathway
  3. Click Ward Dispensing Task
  4. Click Dispensing Report to print out if required
  5. Click Yes or No next to each Medication to indicate whether or not each drug is being supplied
  6. Specify quantity supplied where appropriate
  7. Click Complete

Ward Discharge

  1. Click Ward Discharge
  2. Check medications and content of letter
  3. If information is correct, tick I confirm then click Generate IDL. The IDL is sent electronically to the GP.
  4. Click Print IDL Task then click Print IDL to print the letter
  5. Click Complete
Last Updated: 11 December 2018