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Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Finishing your writing

Spell check your work and make corrections. Everyone makes spelling or typing errors sometimes. We prefer not to publish them all!

Is your text easily readable? We should not be publishing ‘hard to read’ content. Do you know how readable your writing is? Word has tools to check this.

You can also use the free online checker Hemingway
Hemingway will make suggestions to help you. It’s a good resource to use to show others that a piece of writing is clear and fit for purpose, or not. Here is an example from our website that shows how a key piece of text was improved.

If you have used straightforward language and short sentences your draft should score well. If there is room for improvement then shorten sentences and choose simpler vocabulary. Use the thesaurus in Word [highlight a word and press SHIFT+F7] or try an online thesaurus such as this one from Oxford Dictionaries.

If you need to make changes reiterate these checks until you have text that tells your story or shares your message in a straightforward, humane, interesting way.  

At this point your text is ready to publish.

Revisit your page from time to time to check that nothing needs to be updated.

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Help us to improve

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Last Updated: 06 June 2019