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BCG Programme

The PHPU organises hospital and community clinics to provide BCG immunisation to over 2000 babies and young children per year in accordance with Green Book recommendations, i.e. BCG should be offered to infants with a parent or grandparent who was born in a country where the annual incidence of TB is 40/100,000 or greater. Click to view the NHSGGC BCG Leaflet and the recently updated high-risk country list (WHO 2015). Up-to-date TB rates by country are available on the Public Health England website 

NHS Health Scotland's leaflet BCG and Your Baby  is also available in the languages below 



National BCG Shortage  - restricted use of vaccine policy operating (2016/17)

Please note that due to a national shortage of BCG, the vaccine in NHS clinics is restricted for use in the high priority groups (babies and young children) until stocks are replenished. Travellers and those at occupational risk may have to seek the skin test and BCG from local travel clinics. Please call 201 4932 for further advice.    

Princess Royal Maternity

Babies born at the Princess Royal Maternity are appointed by the hospital for the BCG clinic which is held at the PRM twice a month (Tuesday afternoon). Please note this service is only for babies born in the PRM. Community staff are reminded not to make appointments for babies born at another hospital to this clinic as this may result in double vaccination.  

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Babies born at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital are identified before discharge and appointments are sent from PHPU for either Govanhill community clinic (2 clinics per month, Thursday mornings) next to Govanhill Health Centre, Calder Street or Woodside Health Centre (2 clinics per month, Monday and Thursday afternoon of the same week). Health visitors can also request or check appointments by calling PHPU on 0141 201 4932.

Royal Alexandra Hospital/Inverclyde Royal Hospital

For babies born at Royal Alexandra Hospital or Inverclyde Royal Hospital, BCG clinics are held once a month in Renfrew. Appointments can be requested by calling the PHPU on 0141 201 4932.

Mantoux/BCG for older children/travellers/employees

Mantoux testing for young children/travellers/employees  is available at Woodside clinic if required. GPs, PNs, HVs and members of the public can request appointments by calling PHPU on 0141 201 4932. (NB Please see the National Shortage info and restricted use of vaccine above)