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Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) are legal documents that enable suitably qualified healthcare professionals to administer and supply medicines (P or POM) in a defined clinical situation where the patient may not be individually identified before presenting for treatment. The individual using the PGD must have signed and been authorised to use the PGD prior to administering or supplying any medicines named in the document.

NHS GGC uses PGDs to allow nursing staff and Health Visitors to administer vaccines for the routine child immunisation programme and travel in specialist clinics. 

For more information visit

  • Information about working under PGDs National health Education Scotland NES

 Key points for community pharmacy

  • Community pharmacy PGDs authorised for use in NHS GGC may be obtained from the Community Pharmacy Development team or GGC PGD administration at West Glasgow ACH, Dalnair Street, Yorkhill G3 8SJ.  Telephone No. 0141 232 1728.