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Sexual Health

Sexual Health Protection 
  Sandyford Services Sandyford co-ordinates a wide range of sexual health services in NHS GGC. Visit their comprehensive website for information on the management of a wide variety of sexual health problems, the services they provide and the times and locations of their clinics. Sexually Transmitted Infections Sexually transmitted infections are known as STIs go to the Sandyford website to read about a range of infections and their treatment.  STIs are readily spread between sexual partners so it is often important that contact tracing is undertaken when an individual has been diagnosed. Sandyford Services will help support with this process. Vaccination Vaccinations may be administered to protect individuals against disease which may be transmitted sexually. Sandyford will vaccinate individuals at risk of infection from hepatitis A and B and HPV in certain circumstances. Condoms For more details take a look at the Free Condoms web-site where you will find information on the service as well as: -                     Support for practitioners involved in condom distribution -                     Information on how to sign up as a distribution point -                     Where to find condom distribution points -                     General advice on condom use and products offered Alternatively, please contact Sarah Graham, Free Condoms Manager on 0141 232 8444/8440 Key messages for pharmacy

Many STIs will cause vaginal discharge which may be misdiagnosed as ‘thrush’. It’s important to check reported symptoms carefully to exclude other causes of discharge. Typically a thrush infection will cause a creamy white or off white discharge with no odour. A thin yellow or grey discharge with an odour is more likely the result of a bacterial infection.

All men consulting with symptoms of discharge or thrush infections should be referred to Sandyford or their GP.

Recurrent thrush infections may occur as a result of the development of an underlying systemic disorder such as diabetes, always refer these cases. For that reason and others all older women presenting with a thrush infection should be referred to their GP

There is no charge for vaccine supplied by a Sandyford Clinic.

HPV vaccination is mainly undertaken by the schools vaccination programme, however, they will undertake vaccination of a female if she is considered vulnerable and unlikely to be able to access the schools vaccination programme.

Child Protection: Individuals under the age of 16 are protected by law. This law differs between Scotland and the remainder of the UK. It is important that pharmacists are aware of this and they and their staff understand what they should do if they have any concerns about a child and sexual health issues. Access information at NHS GGC Child Protection Unit’s website    Useful Links Sandyford Sex Worth Talking About Treatments link to BNF and  GGC Prescribing