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Arts and Health

Uplifting architecture, soothing and inspiring stories, song, poetry, ritual and visual images combined with hospitality, care and attention have been part of the historical foundations of healthcare across the world.

There is now quantifiable, as well as qualitative and anecdotal evidence, which helps us to understand the impact of the arts on health. Some of the findings show that by improving design and involving the arts in health care there will be:

  • Reduced amount of drug consumption
  • Shortened length of stay in hospital
  • Improved mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Enhanced quality of service
  • Reduction in workplace violence
  • Increased job satisfaction of staff

2005 saw the beginning of a strategic move and commitment made by NHS Greater Glasgow Health Improvement and the Arts sector for exploring ways to integrate and acknowledge the role of art and creativity in healthcare.

This web space shows arts and health work achieved and in development.  All work is established through arts partnerships and funding arrangements.

The spectrum of artist practice is wide ranging including work from all the creative and performing arts disciplines.

•    Art and design in new health care design and buildings
•    Artist work in patient care and rehabilitation
•    Arts in community Health and wellbeing
•    Arts in mental healthcare and wellbeing
•    The Art therapies
•    Artists in arts and medical education and training

This site shows the range of artist practices in health in Glasgow and provides links to:

  • Glasgow arts and health network 
  • Publications
  • Details of news and opportunities