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Research and Service Development

Research and Service Development

  • Safety Group

          In November 2010 the Trauma and Homelessness Team was awarded a grant of £24,676 by SurvivorScotland. Survivor Scotland oversees the Scottish Government's National Strategy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The funding was to further develop, deliver and evaluate a group intervention to reduce the psychological distress associated with complex trauma and the risk of re-victimisation.

  • Leaving Care Development

An audit of the referrals to the team identified that between 30-40% of clients had a history of being in care. Therefore, the team has developed training, consultation and treatment to increase the capacity of existing staff in the identification and support of young people with a history of trauma and who are vulnerable to future traumas, sexual exploitation and homelessness. It is envisaged that with this early identification and direct access to specialist services the risk of young people going on to experience homelessness and further trauma may be reduced.