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Induction will run for 3 consecutive Fridays at Firhill Road. However if the Induction Groups are large we may run an Induction Group at Broad Street on a Thursday.  If any individual has problems with large groups we can arrange a 1 to 1 induction if this needs to be done. this would need to be arranged first with Gerry Murphy or Aille McGinty

Induction is our own unique process of welcoming new trainees onto our project and also taking them around the various areas to see first hand what is available to them at the Restart Project. It also allows us some time to fill in the required paperwork.  Usually on the second week of induction we use the project mini bus to take new trainees to the various parts of the project. It makes sense to let you put a picture to a place you may have heard about.

Trainees will normally complete a 3 day Induction over 3 Fridays and then start at their chosen training area the following week.   After completing Induction Trainees may also be timetabled in for P.S.D. sessions as part of their training timetable.

Personal and Social Development sessions that will be delivered are:   1. Communication Skills. 2. Understanding Teamwork & Problem Solving. 3.  Motivation & Goal Setting. These sessions will usually be timetabled for all trainees and will be timetabled by the induction staff