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Client Testimonials

* Undergoing a re-write 10/06/2016 *

Some of our clients have agreed to write about the time they have spent with us at The Restart Project. these clients privacy will always be respected by our Project.

Testimonial 1

I have been attending at the Restart Project over the last six months During that time I have learned my way around a computer starting from the very basics to doing various exercises from spreadsheets, word and going on the internet. I have enjoyed meeting new people and have made nice new friends. The staff  are welcoming, friendly and very supportive. My tutor was Willie who was very encouraging and helpful. I have gained more confidence on attending this project and feel good about myself on achieving this.At present I volunteer  in the British Heart Foundation one day a week. My next step is to take on another volunteer role. Thanks again to all who helped me on my journey.

UPDATE 2nd July 2014-still working as a Volunteer at The British Heart Foundation.

Testimonial 2

I have been attending at Restart for approximately 6 months and  learning about computer hardware & software and various IT skills. I have managed to get along with people in an office environment. I have enjoyed being amongst people like myself. All the staff have been very helpful.  I have worked with Willie the most and he has been supportive throughout my time with the project.I feel sad about leaving friends and apprehensive about the future. I’m going to try out voluntary work in Stobhill Hospital but still don’t know about the future as yet. I am looking on the bright side!! Thank you to all the staff, I will keep you posted.

Testimonial 3

I have been at the restart project for over six months now and found it got me out of the house and helped pass the time.It's better than sitting in the house all day going crazy. I also got to meet new people and my self-confidence began to return to normal after a long spell of illness.

On the course I do Music, IT and Woodwork. The music group is quite relaxed and fun and not much pressure. I do singing and drums and at the end of the course we get to write our own song. In IT there is not much pressure and I have learned to do new things on the computer.Woodwork is quite hard but you get to take home what you've made and we always have a good laugh. All in all at the end of the day there is a sense of achievement and that something has been done.