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Low Vision Clinic




Low Vision Clinic

This clinic aims to  provide optical aids to  patients whose vision is  poor and cannot be improved with spectacles , in order to maximise the use of their remaining vision . ( No electronic devices are available )

Patients do not have to be registered as blind or partially sighted in order to access this clinic .

Referrals can be made either via  a community optometrist, a GP or an ophthalmologist (specialist eye doctor).

Current waiting times are approximately 4 – 6 weeks, but this may change during periods of heavy demand.  

Patients are asked to bring their most up to date spectacles and if they are currently using any magnifiers , these also to the appointment. Please also  bring examples of any  near tasks with which help is required

A full assessment is carried out to determine whether a magnifying devise is beneficial . There is a wide range of  optical magnifying devices which can be demonstrated  . – hand-held magnifiers , stand magnifiers , illuminated magnifiers ,  distance and near telescopic aids  .

The most appropriate  is issued on a permanent loan basis . ( ie it remains the property of the hospital and should be returned if not in use )

Having to get used to a new way of reading / seeing is  very difficult  . The stronger the magnifier the more this is the case . The diameter of the lens is limited by the weight and thickness of the high powered  lens   

The magnifier on the right, below the top image magnifies x6 : the print is enlarged but only a small part of the page can be seen ---this effect becomes greater as the magnification needed increases . The magnifier on the right, at the top magnifies  x 3.5 --- more of the page can be seen .

People often ask for a lens to magnify the whole page – such a lens would   have very weak magnification and not helpful to those with really near vision difficulties .

At times even the strongest magnifier may not assist ---usually because there is insufficient residual vision to magnify .

A Visual Support Service is also available to provide advice on non –optical aids , support at home , training to develop skills to cope with sight loss etc. A support worker may be available on the day of the low vision assessment or can contact you by telephone to discuss what support is required

At the Low Vision assessment you will not be seen by an ophthalmologist, so the health of your eyes will not be checked.  A separate referral is required if you need to be seen by an ophthalmologist .

Replacement bulbs for aids can be posted out ,as required  ,by contacting the clinic directly at 0141 211 1034 .

Staff may be with patients --best times to phone are 11.30 – 12.30 , 4.00 – 4.45 .