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Early Intervention Programme

As a Tier 4 service, we only undertake intervention with children and families whose needs are such that they cannot be met sufficiently by services provided at Tier 2/3.

This service is ideally aimed at 2 year olds, the younger the child the better, as evidence indicates that at this age intervention is most effective.

Referrals will only be accepted for children:

  • Prior to their 4th birthday
  • Who have a diagnosis of autism
  • Who are awaiting diagnosis where parents and professionals expect the diagnosis soon to be confirmed
  • Who do not have a significant global delay
  • Who present with persistent inflexible behaviours
  • Whose families are motivated and in a position to attend regularly

Therapy focuses on the core areas of difficulty in autism. The aim is to help each child become more flexible in their behaviour and more able to access learning from their social environment. Frequency and length of treatment offered is dependent on individual need.

Parents play a central role in intervention and are encouraged to use strategies and techniques they learn at the Centre, at home and throughout their daily life. Staff also provide supportive counselling, enabling parents and other family members to understand more about autism in relation to their child.

It should be noted that children will be attending for intervention and the diagnosis will remain the responsibility of their local team.

Referrals to the SCA can be made by involved professionals, i.e. Health Visitors, Paediatricians, SLTs, etc on completion of a referral form. Once completed, referral forms should be sent to the SCA along with a copy of the child’s diagnostic report.